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Bay & Kit

Kit is an Australian Shepherd cross. She loves EVERYONE and once you meet her you can't help but love her back. Kit has a radiant personality and is so kind she has even taken care of an orphaned kitten. She is extremely intelligent and is trained to do several tricks (our favorite of which is climbing up a slide and sliding down). This picture is of Kit as a puppy.

Soft (pronounced: Thhhhoft) is THE softest, squishiest, cuddliest cat. He is very caring and is always there if you're feeling down. Soft loves his "nu mouse" toy, and likes to sit on his window seat and "chirp" along with the birds. He's very mannerly, and he's quite the catnip connoisseur.

"Kinten" was born with only one eye. She is our "Wednesday's Child" and we love her a lot. When we first got her she would climb to the top of a roll of carpet we temporarily had in the corner of our kitchen and SCREAM to be "rescued". After being "rescued" she would immediately climb back up to the top and start screaming again. Her humans learned it's easier to MOVE the carpet than to "rescue" a kitten 20 times a day. Kinten's favorite thing is to play with her toes! She runs around so much we were thinking of getting her a crash helmet since she doesn't always pay attention to WHERE she's running :)

Please spay and neuter your pets.
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Kanab, Utah