JTR Medicine Mans Enchantress- aka"Tess"
Smoky Grulla Pinto Mini Mare
1999 AMHA/AMHR - 33.5" tall
Tess is a mousey gray color with a dark dorsal stripe and primitive markings. Her sire is a grullo medicine hat tovero, and her dam was a smoky black.
Tess has a very loving, pleasant demeanor.

Sequin and Stars Sundance Girl- "Sequin"
Perlino Miniature Filly
2013 AMHA/AMHR - 29.5" tall
Sequin has an amazing, friendly personality
She loves everyone!
Sequin has been lab tested as:
A/A, E/e, and she is homozygous for cream,
she is also LWO negative
Her sire is Dutchmans Sundance
and her dam is our mare Summer.

Darmonds Summer Girl- "Summer"
Buckskin Pinto Mini Mare
1997 AMHA/AMHR registered- 31" tall
Summer has a fantastic topline and tail set
a beautiful head and a sweet disposition
Her color genotype is:
A/a, E/e, one copy of Cream, neg LWO

A Summer Place Unique Mystique- aka"Tiki"
Perlino Appaloosa Mini Mare
2000 AMHA/AMHR - 32.5" tall
My beloved Tiki crossed over Rainbow Bridge... I feel so fortunate that I got to know this wonderful horse, she was an absolute joy to have around. Her happy attitude will be greatly missed. I loved Tiki's sweet personality. She would "babysit" our foals in the pasture while their mommas were busy eating. She had also adopted a Kitty Friend that she would pet with her nose and liked to give slobbery "kisses" to. :)
Here is a picture of her APPY SPOTS