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2014 FOALS

Barn Name- "Skeeter"
It's a colt! Foaled Aug 23rd at around midnight!
Birth height 19.5" tall
He is a smokey grullo minimal pinto
with a dark dorsal and LOTS of stripes!
Out of our buckskin pinto mare Summer,
and by our perlino dun pinto stallion Sundance.
He should stay small around 30" tall
He has been lab tested as homozygous for black (E/E)
as well as heterozygous for tobiano (To/to) and DUN!

2013 FOALS

It's a colt!
I'm Dun Jokin- "Joker"
The third foal by our stallion Sundance.
Out of our dunskin mare Poppy
Foaled 6/27/13
21.5" tall birth height
He is our "surprise" foal of the year
because the vet told us his momma was not in foal!
He is a buckskin/ dun tovero with two blue eyes!
Congratulations Jennifer!

It's a filly!
The second foal by our stallion Sundance.
She is a solid smokey cream
20" tall birth height
She color tested as Ee/ aa/ N/N negative for Dun
Millie has such wonderful conformation
with a nice topline and a beautiful head and neck
Congratulations Twyla!

It's a filly!
The first foal by our stallion Sundance.
and boy does she have a sparkly personality! Such a sweet girl!
Always wanting loves and pets
Foaled 5/2/2013 with a 20.25" tall birth height
Sequin has been lab tested as a perlino! E/e, A/A
She has a dark dorsal, however she tested negative for Dun
Sequins hobbies include: "mountain climbing" in the haystack,
drinking out of the hose, whinnying and running at the same time
She keeps us in stitches laughing all day long!

2012 FOALS

Bandito's Top Notch- aka "Gunner"
Buckskin Overo Colt with one blue eye, sired by Bandito
Foaled: 5/16/2012 10 pm
7.5" cannon and 21.5" birth height
He has his sire and dams baby doll head and big eyes
Gunners color tests from UC Davis show he is a Dunskin Frame Overo
He has one copy of Cream and one copy of Dun!
He tested: A/a, E/e, N/Cr, N/O, D/N

Go Man Go's Charmed I'm Sure- aka "Missy"
Smokey Cream Pinto filly with blue eyes
Foaled: 5/25/2012 6 am
19.5" tall with 7.25" cannons
Missy has been lab tested as a smokey cream tobiano;
heterozygous for tobiano, homozygous for black, negative for Dun
a/a, E/E, N/To

Paint Me Remarkable
2011 AMHA/AMHR Buckskin Dun Pinto Colt
(Sequoia Mimes Marked Me Like This x Klavohns Champagne Lady)
Congratulations Adela

Setting the Stage On Fire
2010 AMHA/AMHR Dun Tovero Filly
(Pleasant Meadows Showtime X Cross Country Hearts On Fire)
black mane and tail, primitive markings, and partial blue eye
Aspen was color tested at UC Davis and tested:
E/e, A/A, N/N negative for Cream
D/N heterozygous for Dun
N/O positive for LWO (frame overo)

Dutchman's Sundance
2010 AMHA/AMHR Perlino Dun Pinto Colt
(Darmonds Dashing Dutchman x JTR Medicine Mans Enchantress)
He measured 18 3/4 inches tall the day after he was born
and had 7 1/4 inch cannons
We have retained Sundance as our herd sire.
Sundance was color tested at UC Davis and tested:
E/e, A/a, D/N heterozygous for Dun
He is negative for LWO
and negative for Silver

Dutchman's Double Take
2005 AMHA/AMHR Cremello Dun Pinto Colt
(Darmonds Dashing Dutchman X JTR Medicine Mans Enchantress)
Click HERE to see another photo of Double Take.

Dutchman's Contessa
2004 AMHA Palomino Pinto Filly
(Darmonds Dashing Dutchman X JTR Medicine Mans Enchantress)

Dutchman's Ray of Hope aka- "Rope"
2004 AMHA/AMHR Perlino Appaloosa Colt
(Darmonds Dashing Dutchman X A Summer Place Unique Mystique)

Dutchman's Dakota Smile aka- "Cody"
2002 AMHR Buckskin Colt
(Darmonds Dashing Dutchman X Unicorner Rowdy Aleus)

Beat the Odds- aka "Rebel"
2001 AMHR Buckskin Colt
(Darmonds Dashing Dutchman X Toyland Miss Independence)

Pink Impression- aka "Pink"
2000 AMHR Palomino Filly
(Darmond's Dashing Dutchman X Rapunzel)

Independent Scotsman- aka "Indy"
2000 AMHR Palomino Colt
(Toyland Golden Scotty X Toyland Miss Independence)

Miss Sugar Dunbar- aka "Peach"
1999 Dun Quarab filly
(Triangle Sugar Bar X Miss Whisper Checks)

Edgar A. Po- aka "Lil Ed"
1998 AMHR Chestnut Colt
(Kamelot's Top Contender X Rapunzel)
Ed was sired by a local black and white pinto stallion.
His favorite things (besides his humans) are to run warp speed
and plan escapes with his fellow
pasture friend/partner in crime: "Pesky Boy" (Free Edgar!!).
All that play sure can make you tuckered out...

That's My Golden Kyd- aka "Pesky Boy"
1998 Dun Quarab colt
(Triangle Sugar Bar X Buckwheat Bay)
Outstanding personality and disposition.
He's "the brains" behind any escape plans
(does this mean Ed is..."the brawn"?).
He likes to follow his human friends everywhere,
which we don't mind at all.
More cute photos of "The Boys"


"Yuck, who wants hay
when you can have MILK?"

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